Amazing Magical Mystery Tour to London

Had quite an adventure in London. Started off with having an attack of the Gout so when I got to Dulles needed an attendant to wheelchair me to the plane. I was thinking how assuming that I am in a wheelchair off to do masses and healing services in London. As I got off plane meet Mellie and the adventure began. Had 7 services in 4 and half days. Right from the start I knew that this would be a rewarding trip. Many of the days had two services; one at 1 and the other at 730. All of the day services had at least 300 people. And all the evening services had between 500-700 people. When I left Friday for the airport had a morning service at the Polish Church in Downtown London and was amazed that 700 people came for the 11 am service.  From there went to the airport and arrived home yesterday Aug 20. Still catching up on my sleep. Promise to write more later.


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