As You might know I am writing my second book with the help of Chris Grzasko. The title is “Let God Surprise You”

I am reflecting on my trip to London and all the wonderful ways that the Holy Spirit works in our life. One of the Beautiful Things that happened was at the Polish Church; a man found a Gold Ring in the back of the Church. It reminded me of an event in my life about half a year ago, when I woke up in the middle of the night and a voice said to me “Everyone Deserves a Golden Ring.” I understood this message to mean that everyone deserves Love. A Golden Ring is an image of Love so everyone deserves a Golden Ring. At the Polish Church when I was saying a prayer over each person there I said “You Deserve a Golden Ring.” Many people were touched by the Love of God that Night. Love and Prayers to all. And May You hear Jesus say to You “You Deserve a Golden Ring.”

Love and Prayers Fr Stefan


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