Working Title: Let God Surprise You! The Amazing Ways God Acts on Our Lives

Foreword Francis MacNutt

Introduction: Why we should expect God to surprise us; how we should not limit him by our preconceived mindset.

1-A biographical chapter about Fr Stefan: how he was surprised by God in his life, especially in being baptized in the Holy Spirit and receiving the gift of healing.

2-Baptism in the Holy Spirit: an explanation of what it is and how to pray for it; why we should be open to it and how God has surprised people through it. Can use examples from Scripture, the saints, or personal examples.

3- Explaining Charisms in the life of the Church, what is a Charism? And why we need a greater outpouring of Charisms in the Church.

4-The gift of tonques; what it is, why we need it and how we can yield to it, with personal examples and examples of people Fr Stefan knows.

5-The gift of prophecy:same as above

6-The gift of scripture coming alive and speaking to us personally

7-The gift of healing. Personal examples of Fr  Stefan, why we should expect God to heal, what if he doesn’t, praying to Mary, etc.

8-Stories of physical healing that weren’t in the first book. Should be both from Fr Stefan life and people he has prayed with.

9-Stories of emotional healing that weren’t in the first book. Also can be from Fr. Stefan personal life or people he has prayed over.

10-Other surprises: How God uses us when we least expect it. Example of fr Stefan trip to Malaysia and London, his home for expectant mothers, other examples of people he knows or saints or Scripture.

11- Conclusion: be alert to how God may want to work in your life. Be open and expectant.

I put this outline out there, if you have come to a Mass and Healing Service that I have done and you feel that your story might fit in to one of these chapter send them to me via G-Mail (Prayer Request)  at website.

If You have some insights that might make this book better I am open to listen.

Love and Prayers

Fr Stefan


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