The Next Step in the Pro-Life Movement

When I was a little kid my parents would take into our house homeless woman who were expecting a baby. I remember one day coming home from college and my room was being used by one of these woman. When I told my mom about it her response was that there was a bed behind the TV. It was hard at time but it taught me a valuable lesson about Love of God and Neighbor.

I carried these memories with me for many years. In my priesthood I have tried to help many woman who are pregnant and had no where to go. I have been at been to the March for Life 20 times. I have prayed outside abortion clinics.  But around a few years ago it struck me “We have done the marches we have held up the pro-life signs” we are now called to do the Next Step. Going on the Marches and Holding up the Signs are important but the Winds of the Holy Spirit are challenging us to take the Next Step.

I was reflecting on the life of Mother Theresa. Mother Theresa can speak to the congress about the evil of abortion and get a standing ovation. And the answer is clear Mother Theresa walks the walk and talks the talk. She put her pro-life conviction into practice.

We at the Paul Stefan Foundation ( in only 4 short years have opened 3 homes for expectant mothers. The origins of the homes can only be described as a miracle but that is for another blog. Two of the homes are in Orange County Va and one is in Northern Va. We have helped over 80 woman and babies. We just had two new babies born Tara on July 29 and Samuel Aug 8.  We are trusting in God that there will be hundreds of not thousands of Paul Stefan Home across this country if not the the world.

We are about to have our 3rd Paul Stefan Gala, A Celebration of Life, this Sept 25 at 7pm at the Fredericksburg Expo and Conference Center. It will be a fun time with Live Music and Dancing with the Fredericksburg Big Band.

I would Love to see You. Come and be a part of our Celebration of Life.

Love and Prayers

Fr Stefan

You can register at our website


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