Reflections from a Retreat

Hello right now I am at Malvern Retreat house in the Philly Diocese. Every priest is called by cannon law to take a 5 day retreat every year. I joined a retreat Tuesday night thru Thursday morning given by the priest director of the Intercessors of the Lamb. Right now everyone is gone so I am alone in a 5o bedroom retreat center.

This retreat reminds me of the first time that I heard Jesus speak to me in an audible voice. I was in my first year in the seminary. On New Years Eve 92 I went to St Michaels Parish to usher in the new year by spending time in prayer. I was sitting in the Church and I heard a voice say to me “Follow the Lamb where ever He Goes.” I looked around and saw no one but the Voice was Loud and Clear. I understood the words to be a beautiful call to follow Jesus who is the Lamb. I later learned that this phrase is taken right from the Book of Revelation.

So we are called to be  Intercessors of the Lamb. What does it mean to be an Intercessor of the Lamb. To be an Intercessor is to unite our prayers to Jesus on the Cross. Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. To be an Intercessor we must be as pure as a Lamb and be willing to be a Lamb of Sacrifice. To be effective in our Intercession we must be willing to offer our lives in sacrifcie for those whom we pray. We must be willing to enter into other people pain. We must be willing to carry those who have no hope or faith. Only those who Love can be a effective Intercessor.

Jesus as the True Lamb of God offered His Life in an act of Intercession on the Cross. Jesus says on the cross “Father forgive them they know not what they do”  We must  be willing to say to the Father “Father forgive those who have hurt me and those whom I Love they know not what they do.”

Intercession is a powerful ministry in the Church. There is such a thing as the Charism of Intercession. This means that when some people pray for others their prayers are answered with remarkable frequency. Intercession is a hidden ministry but a vital one in the Church.

I know that whatever good I do is because of the prayers of another person. This makes me think of a beautiful thought from St Therese the Little Flower. St Therese say the reason that there will be no jealousy in Heaven is that we will learn that any good that we have done is due to the prayers of another. St Therese say in Heaven the Greatest Theologian will learn that his insights are due to the prayers of a simple shepherd boy on the other side of the world. And that in heaven the Greatest Theologian and the Simplest Shepherd Boy will be best of friends. What a beautiful thought.

May You know that I pray for all of you everyday, and I know in my heart of hearts that any good that I do comes from the prayers of another who I will probably never meet this side of Heaven. May we never stop praying for others especially for those dear to our heart.

May we Follow the Lamb where ever He Goes

Love and Prayers Fr Stefan


2 thoughts on “Reflections from a Retreat”

  1. While I was in the throws of treatment and very ill, I ran into a friend after Mass. Her parents were in town visiting, I had never met them, but Sandy told them about me. Sandy introduced us in the church vestibule. Her Mother held my hand and speaking in a very hushed tone told me something I had never heard before…a most unselfish, loving, act of kindness. This very sweet lady told me, “I offered my Eucharist for you.” I stood in utter amazement…that someone would offer something so precious, for me. People are good, God is great!

    I have found I pray more for others than for myself. I know I have been held in the prayers of many others. It’s all about FAITH.

    Blessings on your special time of reflection….God has a special plan for each of us!

  2. Dear Father, It was very nice to meet you at the New Springtime in Heart retreat directed by Father John Paul from the Intercessors of the Lamb. I’m sure we will meet again somewhere. In the meantime, I will let the Lord heal my eye (smile). Please say hello to Father Bashista for me. Not sure if he will remember me by name but he may remember me if you mention where I work. Not sure why you are still at the retreat house but it sounds like you are enjoying the “solitude”. Peace of the Lamb… Mary Ann

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