It was the Best of Times it was the Worst of Times

The Lord once gave me a prophecy about how He renewed His Church in the 13th century and how he was going to renew His Church today. When I first heard the prophecy I studied  about the 13th century.  I learned that the 13th century and the 21th century have much in common. It can be said that they were both the Best of Times and the Worst of Times.

The 13th century is considered by many historians as the greatest of all Catholic Centuries. It was the height of the High Middle Ages. It was a 150 years before the black death, 250 years before the Protestant Reformation. It was the age of technology and wealth. The era of the great cathedrals such as, Notre Dame and Cologne. It was the century of the flowering of catholic theology in  St Thomas Aquinas and Bonaventure. We saw the birth of St Francis and Dominic. Everything was perfect from a Catholic Viewpoint, or was it Perfect?

Is not our world today the age of technology and wealth.  We are not building cathedrals but we build rockets that can land on the moon, shuttles that circle the Earth. We live in a age when one copy of the New York Times has as much material as a person would have read in his entire life 200 years ago.

The 13th century was a lot like the 20th and now the 21th century. John the XXIII called for  the Second Vatican Council in 1959. All looked right in the Catholic World churches and seminary were filled. Fulton Sheen was on TV, priests were held in the highest esteem. But still John XXII called for the Second Vatican Council to renew the Church. He asked all the Bishops and Priests to pray daily for a New Pentecost in the Church.

It was during the 13th century that Jesus said to Francis “Francis Francis rebuild my church it is falling apart”  When Francis heard these words he went to Rome to see the pope. At first the pope overlooked this poor beggar until that night when the Pope in his dream saw the beautiful Lateran Cathedral falling to the ground, but there was a poor man holding up the Cathedral. The pope realized that this poor beggar was the man that he had seen in his dream. The pope greeted Francis and next day and gave him his blessing.

Francis listened to the words of Jesus and rebuilt His Church. Francis was a prophet in his day as John XXIII was a prophet in our day.  Our world today is a lot like the world of St. Francis. Both Centuries have great wealth and technology. Both centuries have great need of renewal. Both Jesus call to Francis to renew his Church and John XXIII call for a Council happened when all looked right in the Catholic World. But Jesus saw that both times were ripe for Renewal.

It Truly is the Best of Times, It Truly is the Worst of Times

Come Holy Spirit and Renew the Face of the Church and the Earth

Fr Stefan

One thought on “It was the Best of Times it was the Worst of Times”

  1. Thank you for the information in your reading. It seems to be speaking about the rise and fall of the church, and it seems we need to fall on our knees and become humble before we can accomplish anything not on our own accord but through the power of the Holy Spirit.

    You have more wisdom about this than I do. Praise God for priests like you and all our priests, brothers, & sisters! Happy St. Francis Day!

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