Our Lady of the Rosary

October is the month of the rosary. My devotion to the rosary began when I was a junior at Gannnon University. In Jan 1991 I went to Franciscan University for a pro-life conference. During this conference a young student asked me to pray the rosary with him. I said to him that I had not prayed the rosary since I was in 8th grade, but I followed my heart and prayed the rosary with him.

After the conference I went back to Gannon University.  One day in the chapel, I said to Jesus, “I promise to pray the rosary every single day of my life.” At that moment I knew  I was called to be a priest. And now, almost 24 years later, I have never missed a day praying the rosary.

John Paul II said that the rosary was his favorite prayer. The rosary is a contemplative and vocal prayer. But as John Paul II said, the heart of the rosary is contemplation. We do pray the Hail Marys and the Our Fathers, but I always remember what one of my teachers said in the seminary: these prayers are meant to be the background music so that we can enter into the life of Jesus and Mary.

The rosary gives us peace. One of the ways that this happens is that we pray the prayers with the rhythm of our breath and the beat of our hearts. The flow of the rosary calms our anxious hearts so that we can drift into the lives of Jesus and Mary.

We allow Mary to teach us about Jesus. We see Jesus through the eyes of His Mother. What better person is there to teach us about someone than His Mother? Who knows Jesus better than Mary? Let say you are engaged to someone. Would you not want to spend time with the mother of your spouse? There are things that only a mother knows about her child.

When we pray the rosary during this month of October, may we allow Mary to teach us about Jesus. I always carry my rosary with me. And when I hold the rosary I know that I am holding the Hand of Mary.

Mother Mary pray for us.

Fr Stefan


2 thoughts on “Our Lady of the Rosary”

  1. Yes, the Rosary is a big devotion in our family….I believe my father’s great devotion came from his Mom…who prayed faithfully sitting in her chair….My Dad , also prayed the rosary faithfully…so much so…that his cancer came back and he did not want to suffer..so, on Oct. 7th, The Memorial of the Holy Rosary, in 1987, the Marian Year…my Dad died from a double massive heart atttack…he didn’t have to suffer from cancer….this day his three children pray the rosary , daily…:)

  2. Thank you Father Stefan for sharing this with us. My call came one day at home on what else I can do besides saying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. A voice within my mind said to pray the rosary. I’ll never forget how profound and strong this message was to me.

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