World Mission Sunday Go Out

This Sunday is World Mission Sunday. Jesus last words in Matthew Gospel are “Go therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

One of the Great things about being Catholic is that we are part of a worldwide family. When we receive the Eucharist we are united to everyone in the world that receives the Eucharist. These people on the other side of the planet are my brothers and sisters.

The Eucharist ought to fill us with a zeal for the salvation of the world. St Therese said that she wanted to preach the Gospel on every continent, and even on the smallest islands in the ocean. God placed her in a convent, and still she had this Large Missionary Heart. St Therese teaches us that we don’t have to physically travel the world to preach the Gospel. Jesus wants us to have a heart that is open to everyone in every place. Jesus calls us to Love and to prayer for all people.

One of the things that I have learned is that the more we pray for others the more powerful our own prayers are. Jesus desires to find love in our hearts. The more we pray for others the more love we find in our hearts. We will never lose out for ourselves when we pray for others. St Augustine said “When you pray for all you are praying for yourself because you are part of the all and the all pray for you, but if you only pray for yourself you are only one praying.”

One of the ways that we know if we are drawing closer to Jesus is that we are drawing closer to the people He loves. One cannot come closer to Jesus and not at the same time draw closer to other people.

When we get to Heaven Jesus will ask us a simple question, Who did you bring with you to Heaven?

On this Mission Sunday Go out and preach the Good News.

Fr Stefan


One thought on “World Mission Sunday Go Out”

  1. Dear Father Stefan and readers: When we visited Italy some years ago, one of the many gifts we received was being at a general audience with the late, great JPII. We had wonderful, up close seats. One of the memories of that day was having the various countries introduced… each breaking out in applause or song or cheers… There were the Poles, the English, the Australians, the Latino countries… it was there that I had the awareness of how united we are in faith brotherhood. Many times, we saw the ailing pontiff break into big smiles and waves as the love of the peoples rejuvenated him. May God rest his soul and grant him early sainthood. Thanks Fr. Stefan. Blessings. deacon tom

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