God has His Mysterious Plans Another Story from the Men in Black

For most of my time in the seminary reading the bible daily was not part of my spirituality. I would read everything from the early church fathers to St Therese and everything in between. I didn’t have a habit of reading the bible.

That was until my last year in the seminary. We had to pick a spiritual director. I picked one my teachers, Fr Kevin Rhoades.  Fr Rhoades encouraged me to read the bible everyday. His advice forever changed my life. I have gone back to the seminary to tell him how much his guidance changed my life.

From that day forward I have spent time everyday reading and praying with the scriptures. I can say that the bible is my main source of spiritual reading.

Fr Rhoades quickly became the rector of the seminary. After many years as the rector of the seminary he was made the bishop of Harrisburg, Pa.

When I was writing my book, “Miracles: Healing for a Broken World” I was telling about the impact that Fr Rhoades had on my priesthood. His encouragement to read the bible everyday and let God’s Word speak directly to my heart  was a vital step in forming me into the priest that I have become.

Praying with the scriptures everyday set me on a course that has forever changed my life; from being Baptized in the Spirit on May 18,1996 to hearing Jesus call me to pray for healing for the Wounded Body of Christ.

The book “Miracles: Healing for a Broken World” was published in April of 2010. One of the last things that Our Sunday Visitor had to do was get an Imprimatur from the local bishop. Our Sunday Visitor is located in Huntington, IN. The diocese where Huntington, IN is located is Fort Wayne-South Bend.

Imagine my surprise when I opened up the first copy of “Miracles: Healing for a Broken World.” and I saw Imprimatur: Kevin C. Rhoades Bishop of Fort Wayne-South Bend. I said to myself ” This can’t be the same person?” Fr Rhoades is the Bishop of Harrisburg, Pa.

I learned that the Pope moved him from Harrisburg to South Bend two month before Our Sunday Visitor gave him the book to review for the Imprimatur. I was shocked.

The impact that Fr Rhoades had on me was in the original of the book “Miracles: Healing for a Broken World.”

The Moral of this little story at least for me is that God has His Timing. I wonder if I would have gotten the Imprimatur if Fr Rhoades was not the bishop of South Bend, IN?

Blessing from the Men in Black

Fr Stefan


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