The Spiritual Meaning of Roast Beef

As we prepare to eat our Thanksgiving Turkey, I would like to share with you a story about roast beef.

A couple of  years ago I was sitting in my office preparing my homily for the coming week. The Gospel was Matthew 14 13-21 the feeding of the five thousand. I was reflecting on the relationship between Jesus feeding the five thousand, and God feeding the people of Israel in the desert.

I remember thinking, how did God feed the people in the desert? It was at this point that I had a supernatural experience. I smelled the most exquisite roast beef  and mashed potatoes. The smell was heavenly.

I remember thinking some people smell roses. I smelled heavenly roast beef. I left my office to discover that the secretary smelled the same heavenly roast beef and mashed potatoes.

It is said that St Francis heard one note from the Heavenly choir and he went into rapture. I had the same experience but by smelling this heavenly roast beef.

It smelled like a dinner that a grandmother would have made. We both went up to the kitchen to find the source of this heavenly roast beef. When we made it to the kitchen I saw the pastor. He who was working in his room on the third floor, smelled the same heavenly roast beef in his room.

We all searched the kitchen for the source of this heavenly smell. There was no roast beef in the kitchen.

I remember telling this story in a homily. Many people in the parish invited me to their house for dinner and cooked roast beef and mashed potatoes for me. Nothing compared to the smell of this heavenly roast beef.

I wonder, what was the meaning of the Roast Beef? Now this is a spiritual experience that fits me perfectly.

I think I smelled the Heavenly Banquet.

God Bless Fr Stefan


2 thoughts on “The Spiritual Meaning of Roast Beef”

  1. Yum, My favorite meal. That was always what I requested from my Mom for my birthday meal. I have smelled Heavenly roses and other flowers. Once I smelled tobaccaco that my Dad use to smoke in his pipe (he past away when I was in 5th grade). God truly showers us with many graces. Thank you Father for sharing this with us. Have a Beautiful Day with the Lord.

  2. Often, when praying with my friends, we smell the scent of incense. We’ll be praying along, and suddenly see each other sniffing the air, and we smile and nod and continue praying. This happens especially when we ask the Poor Souls in Purgatory to join us before the Holy Eucharist.

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