This Rose is for You A Letter I Just Received

Dear Father

Thank You so much for the wonderful healing mass last night. If we hadn’t had to return to Fredericksburg, we would have gone out with you.

Last night when you approached the painting of Our Lady of Guadalupe and asked who was saying the novena to St Therese, I thought, “probably half the church is saying it so I won’t raise my hand lest there not enough for all of us.” Then when you turned around holding the rose, I realized that there would be enough. When I finally caught on that there would be only one rose given and it was for me. I became stunned to accept it.

I have been saying the novena for twenty years at least-praying it everyday. Last week I looked at the picture of St Therese on my dresser and I said, “I have been praying to you everyday for twenty years and you have never sent me a rose.”  Francis stop being a spoiled child-you’re just jealous.  WoW. I received the rose through you, Father.

Thanks you for being You, and I pray you have a Marvelous Christmas, with Turkey and not Beef.

With Love Francis

Maybe today is the day St Therese will send you a Rose from the Heavenly Garden.

Fr Stefan


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