Travels of the Men in Black Report 131.9

Last year, on this date, I remembered waking up and checking my Blackberry for messages. I scrolled down and read one message, Hello Father Stefan I am Peter Kallang. I am the spokesman for the Miri Diocese. We would like you to me the main speaker at our men conference in May. Patrick Madrid was our speaker last year. We expect between 500-700 people this year. The theme of the conference is Set Free.

I read the whole message and learned that Miri was in Malaysia. I remember thinking to myself, I am being asked to speak in Malaysia. That is the other side of the world. I also though how did they get my private email address and my name?

I talked to Peter and learned that I was to give 8 talks at the conference. Peter asked me, “What are your normal talks?” I didn’t know how to answer because I had never done this before. I simply said ask the Holy Spirit what he want me to talk about.

I remember flying down to Miri. I was not sure if there would be anyone to greet me when I got there. When I landed I was greeted by a nice group of men.

The conference was at the Imperial Hotel. There were about 700 people at the conference. I remember going into the hotel lobby and seeing my face on a banner.

I also did a mass and healing service at the cathedral with 1100 people. My friend took me up to a parish near Borneo named St Anthony and we did another mass and healing service for 1400 people. These people have great faith. They also took me to speak to other group and to have various adventures.

It was a glorious trip. It is funny that the Holy Spirit can take you even to the other side of the world.

I remember telling another priest about going to Malaysia and he responded, “Why would they invite you? What do you Know?”

This is the anniversary of getting that first email. God speak to us many different way. I am glad that I said yes.

I Pray for all my friend in Miri Malaysia. I know that they pray for me.

The Moral of this story is the Holy Spirit Loves you so much that He will bring people from the other side of the world to help us.

Love and Prayers

Fr Stefan


One thought on “Travels of the Men in Black Report 131.9”

  1. God’s neighborhood is vast to us, small to Him I’m sure you shared many blessings on tyour Malasian journey. He leads in many different places, and we find Him when we open our eyes, hearts and minds to His Grace…….
    How else would you explain our ‘chance’ meeting? Devine Intervention. 🙂
    God bless….It’s all about FAITH…

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