Do you Ever Wonder?

I am not a night person. This also applies to new years eve. Most of the time, I greet the new year with a cup of coffee. Today I am reflecting on how God helped me 11 years ago on new years eve 1999.

I was invited to dinner to celebrate the new year. The family was from Cuba. It seems that it is not uncommon for Cuban to start dinner at 10pm.  I would be driving home after midnight.

A couple of days before the dinner, I had a dream. In the dream, I was in a very serious car accident.

I wondered if the dream was a warning for me not to go out that night. I took it to prayer. I asked the Lord what to do? I opened up the bible at random. My eyes fell on a verse from the prophet Isaiah, “Go to your room and lock the door until the disaster passes.”

I took this as confirmation. I was not to go out that night. I decided to greet 2000 with prayer  in church. Jan 1 2000 arrived. I greeted her with a cup of coffee.

I was meant to be in that car accident 11 years ago. I was in my car today and I felt a prompting of the Holy Spirit to write this message tonight.

Maybe this message is for You.

What is the Holy Spirit saying to you?

Fr Stefan


2 thoughts on “Do you Ever Wonder?”

  1. I’m glad you stayed home New Years 2000 and avoided the accident.
    When I was in Michigan, I prayed with my hands on Fr. Solanus Casey’s’ tomb. It was really neat.

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