Valentine’s Day And The Secret Files Of The Men In Black, Code Red File 777

On this Valentine Day it brings to my memory two short stories about 2 separate couples. The first story was after a mass and healing service.  After a healing mass we often go out to get something to eat and drink and have some nice time with friends. I was saying grace and I noticed that the couple at the next table was saying grace with us.

I went over to their table. I learned they were married by a justice of the peace but not by a priest. They had never been married in the Catholic Church. They thought for personal reasons it would be very hard to marry in the church. I saw our meeting as a divine appointment. I got their phone number and called them a couple of days later.  We had a lovely marriage ceremony in the historic church two years ago on Valentine’s Day.

The other story involves another young couple who got married here at St Mary’s.  Jill was pregnant and the baby due date was late February. The family and friends had a birthday pool. Each person put in 5 dollars and made their prediction for the baby’s birth.

I was at the family house for dinner a couple of months before the baby was to be born. I told Jill that the baby would be born on Valentine’s Day. Her initial reaction was no. She wanted Valentine’s Day to be about her and her husband Bill.  I simply said, “Valentine’s Day is all about love and what is more about love than the birth of a baby.”

Last year on Valentine’s Day you might recall Virginia was in the middle of a great snow storm. I was in the chapel praying. My cell phone went off. It was Jill’s dad. He told me that Jill was in labor and please pray for her.

I received that call at 6:30 that morning. I thought to myself how beautiful it would be if the baby was born on Valentine’s Day. Now every time this couple celebrates Valentine’s Day they will be celebrating the birth of their baby.

I learned that there was 260 dollars in the birthday pool so I won, but I also learned that the custom is to give the money to the mother of the baby. Later that day I also won a cake at a church event. The family and I celebrated the baby’s birth by enjoying the cake.

I hope you all have a Blessed Valentine’s Day

Blessing Fr Stefan


2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day And The Secret Files Of The Men In Black, Code Red File 777”

  1. Father Starzynski, I am a convert from the Baptist church, matter of fact I became a christian in the Baptist Church and came to the Catholic Church after the Lord directed me to follow my husband. We had been married 12 years at that time and through a time of trying to stay close to the Lord and also trying to hear all that He was saying to me; I believe I heard HIm say to me, “As soon as I recovered from the surgery that I was undergoing, I was to join the Church”. And that is exactly what I did, it was gal bladder surgery, and my doctors said that I healed faster than any of their other patients; (my father died many years before, when he had this surgery). I know that I was annoited with oil prior to the surgery and that my doctors were christian doctors. I know the Holy Spirit is a part of me, yet I have never spoken in tongues or slain in the spirit. This does not bother me, but sometimes I would wish even dream of being slain in the Holy Spirit. I do not want to take the Spirit of God lightly, and I am not complaining about this, because He has given me many gifts. I am a poet and when I write anything with Him, it is far superior to what I can even think without His presence. I do not know how to express what I am trying to say to you and I do not even know if you will recieve this note. After all you have such a full routine. But I wanted just to say thankyou and I know as a heart to a heart knows that you are HIs, as I am His . I t was good for me to read your story Sandy Lee

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