Praying in Tongues and The Scream by Edvard Munch By Father Stefan

St Paul says, “He who prays in tongues edifies himself.”1Cor 14:4 One of the things that all people have in common is that they have been wounded. Most of these wounds reside in the unconscious, or as Scripture says the human spirit.

I think of the famous painting by Edvard Munch titled, “The Scream.” We see reflected the modern world angst. This painting captures the feeling of many in the world today. The painting is of a man simply crying out from the depths of his soul in pain.  The man in the painting is giving voice to the existential angst of modern man.

Many today are out of touch with the hidden depths of their heart. However, the pain in the depths of their heart still eats at them.

Not knowing how to address this pain, we simply want to cry out, in fact yell from the depths of our hearts.  Have you ever felt the need just to yell at the world?

So what does St Paul mean when he says, “He who prays in tongues edifies himself?”1 Cor14:4 He means that when we pray in tongues the deepest hurts in our unconscious, our hearts get expressed and released.

One of the maxims of psychology is that emotions that are not talked out are acted out. When we pray in tongues we express the deepest emotions and hurts in the human heart.

Often when I pray in tongues I feel that the Holy Spirit is healing something deep in me. I feel that the Holy Spirit is weaving the broken parts of my heart together.

Thank you Holy Spirit for being the great psychologist.  May we sit under the healing light of the Holy Spirit and let Him heal the deepest wounds of the heart.

Blessing Fr Stefan

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