More Reflections On The Healing of the Family Tree By Fr Stefan Starzynski


Reflections on the healing of the family tree.

I was walking home from my elementary school St Ann’s thru a garden to get home. As I was in the Garden I experienced what I would later learn was a unitive experience.  As I was walking in the garden I was suddenly and unexpectedly united to all that is in the universe. I felt like I was “One” with all of creation.

A thought came into my mind like lighting. This is what I thought: “To know everything about anything is in turn to know everything about everything because everything is interconnected.”

My cousin Tom is a PH.D plant geneticist. He is helping to feed the world by making better and better rice. He travels the world talking to scientists all over the world. He has told me on many occasions that this thought that I was given in  the garden is part of his power point presentation when he gives lectures all over the world.

I get a kick out of the fact that I, who found science so difficult, am now being quoted to hundreds of scientists in Bejing China.

I think this is what Julian of Norwich meant when she said that all the mysteries of the universe are contained in a single chestnut.  I think there are some parallels also in the world of physics where the world of the very large ie, the entire cosmos, and the world of the very small, the atom,  are also mirror opposites of each other.  When a scientist peers through thru a microscope into the world of atom, it is like he is also looking into the vastest recesses of space.

Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, in his book,  “Introduction to Christianity” reinforces the notion that no man is an island.  In writing about our interconnectiveness, he writes that we are all interconnected with each other, nature in fact the entire cosmos. Cardinal Ratzinger writes, “Every man also contains the past and future of Mankind, which really does emerge, the closer one looks, as the one single “Adam.”

I am reminded of the movie, “Roots.” I think there is a great theology of the healing of the family tree in the movie when lead actor says in the great tradition of Africa, “All my ancestors live in me.”

Blessing and prayers Fr Stefan

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