Reading James Martin, SJ Book, “Between Heaven and Mirth.” A Quote that I Like Fr Stefan

One of my favorite songs is, “Lord of the Dance.” We sing it at the end of the Mass and Healing Service that I have every second Saturday here at St Mary of Sorrows.

We gather in a circle and do a ring dance. We are full of the Joy of the Lord.

On Saturday I was reading James Martin’s new book, “Between Heaven and Mirth.” It was with joy that I read in his book a quote from a church historian, ” Very likely, Christians also danced; at least this is how the historian Louis Backman interpreted various statements of the second-century Church fathers. Clement of Alexandria, for example, instructed the faithful to ‘dance in a ring, together with the angels, around Him who is without beginning or end.’ suggesting that the Christian initiation rite included a ring-dance around the altar. At another point Clement wrote that in order to invoke the ‘zest and delight of the spirit’ Christians ‘raise our heads and our hands to heaven and move our feet just at the end of the prayer.'”

I was rereading Dante’s account of entering Paradise. Dante describes the angels being in a circle. When we dance in a circle at the end of the mass and healing service we are mirroring the angels in their praise of God.

I find it wonderful that we are worshiping God in a similar way as the believers in the second century.

After we have our ring dance in the Nave of the Church, we gather together for what I call the Gathering of the Grapes. It is during this Gathering of the Grapes that we ask the Fire of Holy Spirit to fall on us.

Come to the next Mass and Healing Service and be a part of the Gathering of the Grapes.

Blessing and Love

Fr. Stefan

Come Holy Spirit


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