A Trip to the Doctors and a Trip to a Healing Mass

A trip to the doctors and a trip to a Healing Mass

Let me start by saying that I am a terrible patient. I hate going to the doctor’s. I am like a little kid kicking and screaming when I go to the doctor’s. I already know what they will say, “You need to lose weight, your cholesterol and blood pressure are too high.”

Last month, I was walking around a lake and I tripped and hurt my knee. One month later and my knee was still killing me.

Last Saturday I broke my pride and went to the emergency room. I have to admit the doctors and the nurses were very nice. After an X-ray I learned that there was no break, but I might have torn my meniscus or pulled a tendon.

The doctor gave me the number for an orthopedic consult and a knee brace. I was a good patient and called to make the appointment. I learned that he could tell me nothing without an MRI, so he gave me the number where I can get an MRI.

When I was reflecting on going to the doctor’s today, I was thinking, “When was the last time I went to the doctors and they told me something I didn’t already know?” Don’t get me wrong, I know that it is good to go to the doctor’s and that I should have a primary doctor.

As I was driving to the appointment today I was reflecting on my time with Mother Theresa in Calcutta. I remember getting a huge gash on my leg. I was the type of kid that didn’t treat cuts. It was almost a pledge of honor to have an open wound. My friend Mike Howe and I would go skateboarding together. I was never any good so I got my fair shares of injuries.

Well this life style choice didn’t serve me well in Calcutta. I had a huge cut in my leg. And not thinking, I would walk thru Calcutta in waist deep sewer water with an open wound. It finally occurred me that this would not heal on it own.

I talked to the Missionaries of Charity and they gave me the number of a doctor. I remember catching a cab and trying to find this doctor. After many hours I found his office. I walked in and the receptionist said, “The Doctor is out right now, he might be in this afternoon, if he is not in this afternoon he will be in tomorrow and if not tomorrow the next day.” She kindly asked me to wait.

I remember saying to myself, “ I would rather die than wait in a office for 2 days.” So I went back to my room in Calcutta. I did find some medical students from England who treated me. God Bless them.

Another short story, that I will not get into: I remember walking to my room in Calcutta and I noticed that I could not hear anything. I said to myself, “O my, I am deaf.” I couldn’t believe that I was in what I thought was the noisiest city in the world and I could not hear anything!

I remember going to the local pharmacy and getting the local medicine. I will not even imagine what I used to try to heal my deafness.

I remember experiencing deafness for about a month or so. I was healed because I eventually went back to my dad’s apartment in New Delhi. A very clean environment was what I needed.

All this reminds me that maybe going to the doctor is not that bad. However it does make me think, why not go to a Mass and Healing Service? In my experience it does as much good if not more than going to see the doctor.

My health care plan is a monthly dose of Healing Mass.

Hope to see you there in November!

Prayer and Blessing Fr Stefan

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