Jesus Calls Us By Name, This Morning at a Funeral Jesus Calls a Woman by Name Father Stefan


God calls us by name.

This morning I was having a funeral for a beautiful woman named Adelaide. Adelaide was a woman filled with love and the Holy Spirit.  Adelaide was a regular at the mass and healing service.

At the funeral this morning I wore my Divine Mercy Vestment. It was hand made by Carmelite Nuns in Warsaw Poland. On the back there is a image of the Divine Mercy with the words, Jezu Ufam  Tobie.

When the mass was letting out a very nice couple came forward. The wife introduced herself as being Adelaide’s best friend. She said that they were Jewish and came from New Jersey.

The wife asked me about my vestment, and what the word Tobie meant. I said that Jezu, Ufam, Tobie was Polish. I said that Jezu Ufam Tobie was Polish for, “Jesus I trust in You.”  And that Tobie was Polish for, “In You.”

The wife went on to say that her name was Tobie, and that she was amazed that I had her name on the back of my vestment at the funeral for her best friend.

We both took it as a sign that Adelaide was giving a sign to her best friend.

When I talked  to Tobie we were both touched, and we said yes Jesus and Adelaide  were both saying, Tobie, “I  trust in You.”

Jesus calls us all by name.

Love and Prayers

Father Stefan


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