Jesus I Trust In You


Jesus, I Trust in You                                                  January 2012

 Jesus continually surprises and amazes me! He finds beautiful ways to get my attention and increase my trust in Him.

A few days ago, I ran into an old friend at the post office. Diane was with her sweet and bouncy 2-yr-old granddaughter, and the two of them were chatting happily, laughing and skipping their way into the post office. My heart rejoiced at seeing my friend, because she was a beautiful picture of vibrant health and love. We embraced and visited. Diane explained that in her fight against Leukemia, she almost died during the last two rounds of chemo, but that God must have a plan for keeping her around. With a brilliant smile, she exclaimed that she is healthy! Praise God!

Through this moving encounter, Jesus is showing me the importance of trusting Him…

Three years ago this month, I attended my first Charismatic Mass and Healing Service, celebrated by Fr. Stefan at St. Mary of Sorrows. At the Mass, God put on my heart to pray for Diane, who had recently been diagnosed with Leukemia. Throughout the Mass and Healing Service, God kept her on my heart, so I continued to pray for her.

At the end of Mass, Fr. Stefan invited everyone who wanted to be prayed over to come up. A bit nervous at not knowing what to expect, I walked up and got in line. I began observing people “going down” or “resting in the Spirit” as Fr. Stefan prayed over them. This was all new to me. I had thought that this resting in the Spirit was a bunch of hooey. It was my opinion that people were simply fainting or falling down on purpose, pretending to feel something they wanted to feel. And yet, here was person after person resting in the Spirit before my very eyes.

In the midst of this joyful atmosphere of music, singing, and praying, Fr. Stefan runs up to the microphone and says in a clear voice, “Raise your hand if you’re here praying for someone with Leukemia.” Goosebumps raced up and down my arms, because I was there praying for a friend with Leukemia. I was stunned and couldn’t move. Nobody raised their hand. In the next instance, Fr. Stefan added, “There’s been a healing from Leukemia.”

This revelation through Fr. Stefan was a profound message from God. In my heart, I wanted to believe that it was in fact my friend Diane whom God was healing from Leukemia. A couple weeks later, I spoke with Diane’s husband and shared with him what I experienced at the Mass and Healing Service.

I was so excited in fact that I began typing this testimony to be considered for publication in Fr. Stefan’s book on miracles. This message of healing had to be about Diane. But then, over the next few weeks, evidence of Leukemia returned in Diane. I was deflated, confused. I questioned and doubted whether God was healing her. I didn’t know what to believe. It is difficult to “claim” healing when we see evidence to the contrary. When friends and loved ones struggle through illnesses, how do we believe they are healed?

Jesus is teaching me that this is what our faith is all about…believing! I am still learning to praise God not just though the good times but through the storms in life. I am learning to trust that everything He allows in our lives is for our good. Our God is a God of love and abundance. He has a divine plan for each of us. Jesus’ message three years ago was a gift. I ask His forgiveness for doubting Him. Jesus, I praise You and thank You for healing Diane!

Jesus, I trust in You!


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