More Reflections on the Healing of the Family Tree By Father Stefan

A reflection on the Healing of the Family Tree Mass

Cardinal Ratzinger writes in his book “Eschatology” writes , “First, we can ask whether a human being can be said to have reached his fulfillment and destiny so long as others suffer on account of him, so long as the guilt whose source he is persists on earth and brings pain to other people. The guilt which goes on because of me reaching as it does deep into me, it is part of my permanent abandonment to time,  whereby human beings really do continue to suffer on my account and which therefore still affects me. Incidentally, this enables us to grasp the inner connection between the dogmas of Mary’s freedom from sin and assumption into Heaven. Mary is fully in the Father’s house, since no guilt came forth from her to make people suffer.”

This image of Mary’s Assumption seems very modern. Mary left no regrets. Because Mary left on tint of sin she can fully enter into Heaven body and soul. Do we not see a need for a Mass for the healing of the family tree in this theology?

How many people can say that they lived the Father’s Will so perfectly that they left no effects of sin on others? We cannot fully enter unto Heaven until all the effects of our sin are healed.

Do we not see a need for a healing of the family tree mass in this theology? At the mass we have hundreds if not thousands of family tree present at the foot of the altar. We are asking God to heal all the effects of the sins of these people.

How many people suffer because their Great Grandfather was a thief, or that there brother committed suicide? We could easily multiply hundreds of examples but I think the point is made. It is not hard to see how the effects of sin can live on for generations.

Ratzinger says that, “purgatory means unresolved guilt, a suffering which continues to radiate out because of guilt. Purgatory means, then, suffering to the end what one has left behind on earth.”

This means that as long as people suffer because of my sin, I cannot fully enter into heaven. Purgatory is that place where God heals all the effects of our sin. Purgatory is the place where God draws straight with crooked lines.

Mary who did the will of the Father perfectly, help me to not only confess my sins, but to help to make amends to the people I have hurt.

Blessing Father Stefan

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