Some Thoughts on Lent By Father Stefan

As we approach Ash Wednesday, we start to think about what we are going to do for Lent.

I am reminded of a poem that says, “It’s not the things you do, its the things you leave undone that give you  heartache at the setting of the sun.”

One of the things that I have learned, is that for Lent, we ought to do something and also to give something up.

Whatever we do ought to make us a better person, a more loving person.

I have one piece of advice that I would like to give you: whatever you do, make it different than what you did last year. Some people give up let’s say Coke for Lent Every Year.

It reminds me of the person who says, “Giving up smoking is easy, I have done it a thousand times.”

Let us ask the Holy Spirit to aid us in what we are to do this Lent. May you be creative in your Lenten Practice.

One of the things that I am going to do is reflect on a Love Letter from Jesus. In the Letter are 55 promises that Jesus gave us. I am going to reflect on one of these promises everyday.

Because there are 55, I am starting today. Today’s promise is, “You may not know me, but I know everything about you.” Psalm 139:1

From now until Easter I will put up another promise each day. May we reflect on these promises together. We can write the promise down, and maybe place it under our pillow when we go to bed.

We pray that on Easter Morning we will know more fully that we are a Beloved Son or Daughter of God.

Love and Prayers

Father Stefan


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