Flossing and the Kingdom of God

I went to the Dentist Today, he was so good I gave him a little plaque. There are so many similarities between going to the Dentist and Confession.

I must admit that I don’t brush my teeth as well as I should. I try to floss, I even keep floss in my car so if I am at a red light can quickly floss my teeth.

1-learned that Dentist recommend that we brush for 3 minutes, but average person brushes for 25 seconds. Brushing for 25 seconds is like a quick non reflective confession where we have failed to fully examine our conscience. A 25 second brush will not …fully clean your teeth, and a confession where we have not fully examine our conscience will leave something to be desired.

2- In order to have clean teeth need to daily floss, daily flossing is like daily examine of conscience.

3-To have good teeth need to get under the gums, need to get under the surface to the root of the sin.

How is the state of your teeth, how is the state of your soul?

Father Stefan


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