Fr Stefan Thoughts on Sleep

Fr Stefan Though for the day, I am currently reading a book on the science of sleep. A  random book I picked up. There is an interesting thought in the book that you might find valuable that “Before Edison and the electric light blub we find strange references to sleep. In the Canterbury Tales for instance, one of the characters in the Squires Tales wakes up in the early morning following her ‘First Sleep’ and then goes back to bed. A fifteenth-century medical book, meanwhile, advised readers to spend the first sleep on the right side and after that to lie on the left. And a scholar in England wrote that between the ‘first sleep’ and the ‘second sleep’ was the best time for serious study. The time between the two bouts if sleep was a natural and expected part of  the night and depending on your needs was spent praying reading having sex cooking writing.”

This means that before the electric light blub our bodies are designed to wake up for an hour in the middle of the night, that is when we are most alert and creative. If this is true and I think it is it might be a good practice for all of us to use this hour in the middle of the night creatively. I for one will find myself writing and thinking about  my homilies writing poems, etc during this hour between first sleep and second sleep.

Maybe you don’t need a sleeping pill because you get up at 1130, maybe that what we are suppose to do, How about using this valuable hour to get some of your best work done.

Fr Stefan



2 thoughts on “Fr Stefan Thoughts on Sleep”

  1. Interesting! Sleep, I have not been a sound sleeper since having children ! Getting up every three hrs or so when they are at least a yr. or so , kids growing up so u sit up and pray waiting for them go come home, or they are sick, or your husband works a split slift of 4 on 3 off , days, swing, miss, nights ….

    Now and previous waking up to pray at 3:00,

    I find myself a late person because of staying up with children al the yrs!!! Now helping raise grand kids!!!

    Good Night!
    Good Day!
    Good evening!
    Good Afternoon!

    Depends on your like and your calling!

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