One Heart By Father Stefan

Poem on the Heart

One Heart

One Love

Heart has two sounds

Systolic Love of God

Diastolic Love of Neighbor

Heart the size of a fist

I will give you a New Heart

I will take away your stony heart and give you a clean heart

The fist becomes a flower

Two pauses in the heart

Systole contraction

Here we listen with the heart

Jesus Heart speaks with our heart

Second pause

Diastole Heart enlarges

Speak to God from our heart

Heart has 3 Layers

Outer layer is faith

Middle layer is hope

Inner layer is Love

Heart has four chambers

Four cardinal virtues





Perfect Blood Pressure



120 disciples at Pentecost

70 Jesus sends out 70 disciples

Everything is in the Heart

One Heart One Love


2 thoughts on “One Heart By Father Stefan”

  1. That is love. Your heart poem breathes love Father. Up late, caught a cold; husband and daughter asleep. I love Jesus; follow Jesus to the death; your poem is love itself Father, from a priest who daily gives all His love to Jesus and His sheep. Only a true shepherd could write a poem like that! blessings, Viola Maria
    Up late with a cold; will ask St. Michael’s protection for you and your awesome ministry for Jesus!

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