Priesthood community and the lone ranger

Priesthood community and being alone

Was thinking this morning as I was sweating on the treadmill. How can this community thing work out among us priests? I mean don’t religious priest feel called to community while us diocesan priests are more like the lone ranger?

These reflections of mine started because I am thinking about joining a religious order mainly to have more community. Please pray for me that I faithfully discern God’s will.

I was talking to the bishop about this and I mentioned that Arlington is my home and I would be sad to leave. The Bishop asked me what is your deepest desire? I responded,  “a renewal of the diocesan priesthood.” One of the reasons that I am big time fan of Venerable Nelson Baker is because he did so much as a diocesan priest.

We do need to think about some of the ways that we think of the diocesan priesthood and community. I know that many diocesan priests  would not want to be a part of a community. A priest I know told me, “I would hate the idea of living in a community.” I asked another priest how he likes living alone and his response was, “ living alone is the best who would not want to live alone?”

I do believe that there are many diocesan priests that would like to live in a community. Maybe there is a way to have both?

Maybe there is a way to have priests who want to live in community do so?

An idea, there are empty convents that used to house 25 nuns at a time near many parishes.  Some of these empty convents are in the proximity of 5, 6 even more parishes. Also many of these convents already have special use permits so that hurdle is already crossed.

What to do with the rectories that are on parish grounds? Well what parish doesn’t need more space? It like a wife saying to her husband, “we have plenty of closet space.” Most parishes especially in large parishes such as this one can always find a way to use new space.


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