Priesthood Community and

Priesthood Community and

Every year the bishop sends out a mailer asking each priest if they want to move or stay in their current parish.

The review board looks over what each priest says and they consider that when deciding to move a priest and where to move him.

The questions are things like this, Are you happy in your current assignment? Can you live with someone who smokes? Can you live with a pet?

The review board tries their best to put priests in the best place for them and for the parish.

I would propose that there be these question on the form, Do you desire to live in community? Do you desire to commit yourself to your brother priests? What are your charisms that you can bring to the service of the church?

A wall fell down in Germany in 1989 and connected East and West Germany. Maybe there is a wall that needs to fall that separates the religious and diocesan priesthood? As diocesan priests what can we learn from our brothers in the religious priesthood and what can they learn from us.

In the history of the church reform of the priesthood as mostly revolve around the religious orders. When a great reformer came to help the priests he usually started a religious order, examples St Ignatius St Vincent De Paul…etc.

My proposal is maybe we can start a renewal of the diocesan priesthood.

Match maker match maker make me a match.


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