Permission is the anointed word for this day and hour

Do You Give Jesus Permission?

When I was praying about giving Jesus Permission I realized that the word mission is in the word permission.

To give Jesus permission to come into our lives is at the same time to be a part of His Mission.

I think the word permission is one of the anointed words for today.

In our Catholic Tradition we often hear references to surrendering to Jesus. The word surrender is a beautiful word to describe giving us over to Jesus. But  I think the word permission might be a better word for this day and hour.

Surrender can bring up an image of a defeated people. The word surrender can invoke images of being defeated.

The word permission sounds very modern.  We live in a world where we need permission slips to do everything from going on a fieldtrip to having a surgery.

The word permission has within it the image of keeping our free will and dignity.

So do you give Jesus permission to come into your heart mind and life?

The minute you give Jesus Permission is the minute that you are part of His Mission.


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