Evidence Show that eating the next cookie and drinking next cup of EggNog no connection to obesity Fr Stefan Discovers

As we eat all the food this Christmas season want to share with you something I just read. I am finishing Nate Silver book, “The signal and the Noise the art of why some prediction fail but some don’t.”

He writes, “As I downloaded date from eighty four countries for which estimates of both obesity rates and daily caloric consumption are publicly available. Looked at in this way, the relationship seems surprisingly tenuous. The daily consumption in South Korea, which has a fairly meat-heavy diet is about, 3070 calories per person per day, slightly above the world average. However the obesity rate there is only 3 percent. The Pacific island nation of Nauru, by contract, consumes as many calories as South Korea per day, but the obesity rate there is 79 percent. If you plot the eighty four countries on a graph there seems to be only limited evidence of a connection between obesity and calorie consumption; it would not qualify as, ‘statistically significant; by standard test.

Who would have thought that no connection between calorie consumption and obesity.

So with that in mind reach for that next cookie.

Drink that next cup of Eggnog.

And as you eat that next cookie and drink that next cup of eggnog with run just watch the pounds slip away.

Blessing and enjoy your Christmas Dinner

Fr Stefan


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