My Thoughts By Father Stefan

My Thoughts

With Pope Benedict resigning from the papacy it truly is the end of an era. We have just celebrated fifty years since the Second Vatican Council.  Cardinal Ratzinger was very much a part of forming the thoughts and ideas of this council.

With His Resignation it means the end of an era, meaning Cardinal Ratzinger was the one of last major figures that was involved in the council that was still active in the Church .

Fifty Years since the Council the Church has now put in place the ideas of the Council. The time is ripe to cast our nets into the sea.

My though is this…..

Whoever the Holy Spirit chooses he will be committed to evangelization. I know all popes are committed to evangelization but he will have a special emphasis on spreading the New Evangelization. His first words might be, ‘The Church is committed to the New Evangelization’.

If it is a cardinal from outside of Europe he will have personally witnessed the Holy Spirit at work in power because much of the growth in the church is in Africa and Asia where the Holy Spirit Power is clear and evident…


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