Just starting writing maybe write a bit every once in a while, see if a book appears, any ideas for next chapter the Rose

Chapter 1 The Thud

In the middle of the night Bob thought he heard a Thud. He was perplexed at the sound of the Thud because he was unsure if he actually knew what a Thud sounded like.

His real name actually was not Bob. Bob was his nickname that was given to him when he was a young boy. You see Bob almost drowned in the lake behind the house. He was swimming late one night when he took in some water and went to the bottom of the late for 30 minutes according to the accounting of his mom who was a mess, looking for her son. But a hand pulled bob up from the bottom of the lake, he floated there like a fishing bob, that is how he got his nickname bob. His actually name was Theo.

It was five pass 12 since he heard the Thud. Bob got out of bed to look for his cat but he remembered that Sandy was outside. Why would there be a Thud, was he imagining it.

Bob looked to see what book he was reading last night. There was a collection of 5 books on the stand next to his bed. He saw a book on his bed and looked to see what he was reading when he dozed off. He was reading a section from the Roman writer, Seneca.

It was cold when he got up. The heater was not working. He heard the Thud again, but this time it seemed more unreal than real. This time with the Thud he heard a voice, or thought that he heard a voice.

He could not fully understand the words, it was if they were from a time long ago, but at the same time they seemed very familiar. Bob was not the type of man that got afraid, but there was something in his heart knew something was not right.

Bob thought to himself, I must be crazy and he went back to sleep.

Bob ate a full breakfast at the local dinner. He always enjoyed his blue berry pancakes, but he kept the butter to bit as a way to keep the calories off.

Bob was a publisher and he was quickly reading the manuscript of a new book. The book title was the, “Rose”

Chapter 2 The Rose

A Rose by any other name is still a Rose.  What is it about the Rose? We give our love one roses and we put roses on the casket when we bury them. Roses seem to be with us a life and in death.

At that moment Bob started to blush…

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