Page 35

Bob started to Blush. As he read the manuscript he discovered a bent page and fingerprint.

How could there be a fingerprint on page 35, didn’t he just print this copy out at home? But there it was a clear as day a fingerprint on page 35 in the upper left hand corner. Bob was curious what words were under the fingerprint. What was someone or something reading or wanting Bob to read?

In the upper left corner were the words, “Tom lived a very solitary life, he was generous to a fault, but there was mystery to him and something unusual. Tom was hit by a bolt of lightening when he was only 5 months old.”

One of Tom’s Favorite foods was Olives, every day he would eat 5 olives. If anyone knows anything about olives they leave oil on your fingers.

Theo looked at page 35, yes it was olive juice on the page. When he tasted the olive juice he knew where the Thud came from.

Olives reminded him of his home in Northern Michigan.

Olives reminded him of an event in his childhood. Olives were a symbol for him of the death of one part of his life and the beginning of another part of his life.

Chapter 3 The Wonder of the Olive

Theo thought about a poem that he wrote about the olive when he was in 3rd grade.

Why he wrote about an olive no one knows, but he remember the poem that he wrote as a kid.

O is for Olive Olives make you flow
When you stub your toe

Olives make you grow

So that I can be like my uncle Moe

Thoe was very proud of his poem about Olives, he wrote it for his uncle Moe.

Ok, Theo had work to do, because there was something about the olive that reminded him about the Thud. What was it he though he knew. He remember how when he was a boy he and his friend went into the kitchen and broke open a big jar of olives. Theo ate over 200 olives and he was sick, so sick that he fell onto his bed with a thud. But he also had an experience or was it a dream when he was sick because of eating 200 olives. The mind does strange things when a young boy eats too many olives.


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