The Mystery of the Olive

Theo, a struggling author, has inherited his great-uncle’s small estate, and within a few weeks of moving in, Theo discovers mysterious men roaming the property in the night. Upon receiving the editorial for his soon to be book, he finds somebody has been attempting to contact him through cryptic messages in his manuscript that suggest the men seen around the estate are looking for something

Theo didn’t know that his luck was about to change. His great uncle made a fortune growing olives, he had as many at 20 and some say 35 large olive groves from Northern Michigan to the Panhandle of Florida.

How many people can say that hey made a fortune selling olives, But Theo great uncle was one who could say just that. The only thing is that no one ever remembers meeting Theo great uncle.  There are no pictures only grand estates and a pile of letters. But a pile of his letters were kept in a small box in under the grand staircase.

There are a few things that we know about this mysterious man, one is like to smoke his cigar, in fact the smell of the cigar is still in the house.  Second he always wore the same suit. Third no one know how or where died. Some people think that the stone at the back of the grand estate, that Theo inherited, was for this man. No one knows why just do. There is a painting of an olive branch on the stone?

When you think of an olive what comes to mind. Something about an olive that holds the clue to all of this.  Olives are something that you either love or hate. We are not talking about the olives that you put in a martini; no one can eat 200 of those in one setting. I am talking about real olives.

Did you know that olives are mentioned 28 times in the Bible? Did you know that the olive branch is a symbol of the Jewish people?

Theo than suddenly realized that his favorite story in the bible was about the flood and Noah Ark. He never knew why he liked this story and could read it hundreds of time. It than struck him why he liked the story so much, he remember a detail about the story that he overlooked so many times, the fact that the dove brings back to the ark an Olive Branch.

The Olive Branch…..

Some facts about the olive, firstly is it a fruit. It is small but has a powerful taste.  No one knows where the olive tree first came from? Maybe the first seed fell from heaven. There does seem to be something magical about the olive. We see the olive in many places in great literature and works of art, from Homer Odyssey to the other great Homer, Homer Simpson. It is as if the olive has always been with us.

Pliny the Elder tells us an olive tree grew in the middle of the Roman Forum. And many writes refer to the olive as the perfect food, even in our own day we have what some say is the perfect diet so called the Mediterranean Diet.

The olive is a symbol of abundance and peace. I think the most important fact about the olive tree is that they can grow to be 2000 years old. Theo marveled at the fact that when he went to the Holy Land last year and prayed in the Garden that Jesus prayed in before he died that he was praying under the same olive trees that Jesus himself prayer under.

All this thinking about olives made Theo hungry and he went to the kitchen and opened a jar of olive and started to eat, with that his mind started to wander.

The Wandering Mind, our mind wander according to psychologists 30 percent of the time, Theo mind wandered all the time, so much in fact that his parents took him to be tested when he was a young boy. The psychologist wrote in his notes Theo has ADD and an unusual love of olives. The Psychologist thought it was weird that a young boy should be love olives.

When Theo was in 8th grade his parents took him to another psychologist for his ADD. Dr Martin was not a religious man, and when he listened to Theo he thought that Theo might have been alive hundreds of years ago. Theo seemed to know things that a young man ought not to know such as, he could quote  classical literature. He seemed to have old bones for such a young boy.

Theo didn’t believe that he was alive hundreds of years ago, but he did think there was a connection between him and his great uncle.


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