what do you think should i keep this or discard give me your thoughts fr stefan

Theo felt this connection with his great uncle. How was he able to quote passages from writers from ancient Rome?

Let me describe Theo, he was born on Dec 21, 1971. He liked to read philosophy. He never fully fit in with the other kids. He was not quite a loner because he did have a fair number of friends. But when people looked into his eyes people felt he had the saddest eyes you ever saw.

Theo was an average student, not particularly good at math or science but he was good at history. Probably the most unusual event during his high school years was once he was walking home from school and an invisible hand touched his hand. When Theo reached for the hand a hand materialized out of the thin air, only a hand no other part of the body appeared.  The hand gave Theo a note that is in his closet a note that he has only read once.

The note reads, random runs by the water, 5 stones on the left of the bank. Fear grips my heart, A R S C M P Battle wages on, Barren to this day, but with your help life.

The note was written on an old envelope that was dated 1891. On the envelope was 5 drops of wine or was it blood.


Theo went to Chesterfield College and majored in modern literature. People often said, what can you do with that major in the real world? But on the day he graduated from college a man called from a vineyard offering him a job selling high price wine. Theo now makes close to a million a year selling wine to people all over the world.


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