Keep or discard what do you think?

Theo went back to his room and took out his pipe and started to read the MANUSCRIPT again. He was on page 36, the manuscript said. “Now Tom lived a very solitary life by the sea. He would spend long hours looking at the waves and reading poem of Poe. He didn’t have many visitors expect for the cat that seemed to live his only life.”

Tom was happy but very much alone. The olive business was good that year. He wondered what tomorrow would hold.  One day he decided to take a walk to the shore. Now there were rumors of pirates especially one pirate in particular, The Dread Pirate Roberts. It was said of the Dread Pirate Roberts that he took no prisoners he could not afford to. His ship was the Avenger and the first mate was Green Beard. Green Beard it was rumored had eaten so many green olives that his bread turned green.

Now the Dread Pirate Roberts would sails these seas to intercept ships that were carrying the prized olives from Scotland to the coast of Southern Virginia. Now fortunes were made in the lucrative olive trade, especially the olives from Scotland were highly prized. Many a pirate lost his fortune at the poker table trying to win one of these green olives.

Now Tom was walking on the shore and suddenly a net was thrown over his head. Five days later he found himself in the stockade of the Avenger. Because Tom lived alone no one knew where he was gone.

Tom found himself next to carts of his favorite food the olive. Tom was on this ship for 5 years but he did managed to escape……….text is lost…….. for 65 pages, and the next line was there was a funeral at sea but somehow Tom had managed to escape. “


Theo put down the manuscript and pondered what it all meant?


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