Quess what Theo saw in the casket?

Theo loved the 80; in fact all of his high school years were in the 80. For Theo the best music was from the 80. In fact he found the labels for his wine from 80 songs. The last 10,000 bottle is sold to a fellow in the Canary Islands was, every rose has a thorn

As I mentioned earlier Theo was a publisher. He worked for a small firm from Chicago called Sanford and Son. Working as a publisher was his job. His passion was selling wine; because it was his passion he made quite a good living at it.

As I mentioned before there were 5 other books that Theo was reading at the time of the Thud. They are Zombie Apocalypse, Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, Moby Dick, Hunger Games and some light reading of St Thomas Summa Theologica.

On this particular day a great storm was finally ending and a lighting bolt hit the bricks outside Theo’s Window. The Storm lasted for what seemed like 40 days and 40 nights. At the end of the storm and the sun came out Theo heard a small voice. He looked up and a dove was perched by the window. The dove had an olive branch in it peak. The dove dropped the olive branch on the window.

Theo decided to take a walk to the shore because he had been stuck in his house for a long time due to the rain. He walked to the cliff and looked down. There was salt water in Theo blood. They had come from a longer history of wailers and olive growers. In fact, His Grandfather came from Scotland. He was a famous wailer and it was in Scotland that he learned to grow olives.

Theo looked down from the cliff it was at least 300 feet down to the water. He saw the foam on the water. Theo walked down to the shore, it took him about 30 minutes. He made sure that he had some nourishment so he brought a jar of olives with him in case he got hungry.

When he got to the shore he saw all the stuff that the storm at brought to shore. One thing caught his eye was it really a casket? Yes it was a casket. The storm had washed ashore a casket. Theo was scared but he opened the casket. Guess what he was in the casket? He saw……..

The casket looked like it had been at the bottom of the ocean for 100 years. There was seaweed all over the casket. Theo though it was a near miracle that the ocean and the salt had not destroyed the casket. There was some dead fish also in the casket.

Theo picked up the dead fish. Some were alive but more dead than alive. There was a starfish. Theo always liked starfish. They reminded him of nights when he would go to the olive groves in Scotland at night. The Starfish reminded him of the stars. It was as if a star dropped out of Heaven.

The wood seemed to be some sort of Maple. Theo wondered where the casket came from? Was it a burial at sea? Was it a pirate? What did the casket mean?

Theo saw something in the casket, a live red rose and he saw….


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