Come Home to God’s Love

I just got back from celebrating mass in the prison. The Gospel this Sunday is about the prodigal son.

How many of these men there feel like the prodigal son?

In my homily I shared a story that I heard a priest give and it still bring a tear to my eye. Here it is.

There was a family that had a teenage son. The teenage son was into drugs, skipping school and breaking into homes. He had been in and out of prison.

On one particular night when he came home drunk and high the father said to him, “You are no longer welcome here.” You know how we all say things in anger that we wish we could take back.

The son respond, ‘fine, I will never come back” and he slams the door as he leaves.

21 years later, the son is on the streets, addicted to drugs and no job. He regrets leaving his mom and dad house. They have not heard from him at all in these many years.

He writes a letter to his mom and dad, saying he is sorry and wants to come home. He tells his parents that if he is wanted put a light in the window. If there is no light in the window he will understand and not go in.

He picks up rides from here and there to get home. As he is about to pass the house he says to the driver of the car, “ I am going to put my face in the car seat because I don’t have the courage to look to see if the light is in the window.”

As the driver of the car passes the house he says to the young man, “you are not going to believe this, you have to get up and look.”

The young man looks at the house, not only is there a light in the window but every light in the house is turned on. Not only is every light in the house turned on, but the garage is open so the garage light is on.

The Love of these parents is a mere image of God’s Love for You


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