Turning the page for Theo The Vase

Theo looks into the casket and he sees a Vase. But when he looks at it he notices that it is not a vase but an urn. Theo opens the urn and some of the ashes fall into his hand, but the wind takes the ashes into the sea.

The urn is blue with a green top. It is made out of some sort of marble. As Theo looks at the urn there is a scripture verse, Isaiah 50 1 “Thus says the Lord; where is the bill of divorce with which I dismissed your mother? Or to which of my creditor have I sold you? “

Theo thinks he hears a groan a voice hallowing from the urn. The urn is surprisingly warm as if something living is inside. But how can this be there is only ashes inside, and he wonders who ashes are these.

Theo while not a monk did try to live an upright life. He said a prayer for this person, as he said the prayer a fish jumped out of the sea. Theo said another prayers and a dove took flight from a nearby branch.

Theo carried the urn to his dining room and he placed the urn on the mantle above the fireplace. Theo felt odd placing an urn in his house when he didn’t know who the person was.

He wondered about the life of the person, how did they die? What was the connection with the rose?

Later that night went to bed but he was unable to sleep. He was thinking about the urn and the person in the urn. He wondered if he was sinning by keeping the urn but he didn’t know what to

Theo went back to his room and took out his pipe and started to read the Manuscript again. He was on page 36, the manuscript said, “Now Tom lived a very solitary life by the sea. He would spend long hours looking at the waves and reading the poems of Poe.” He didn’t have many visitors expect for the cat that seemed to live his own life.

Theo was surprised when he turned the page of the manuscript and the first words on Page 37 where, “The Urn contained a mystery and a promise. There is healing flowing from this urn.”

Theo noticed when he this opening line from page 37 that the pain in his chest lifted if only for a moment. Theo seemed to have a bit more energy. He could feel the salt from the sea on his face and the dew of the waves.

Theo put down his manuscript, got up from his chair and quietly walked toward the urn. Without hesitation, he laid out an old towel on the floor and dumped the contents of the weathered urn. Theo felt oddly compelled to sift through the ashes. As he carefully swished his finger tips across the remains, making sure not to get John/Jane Doe in his living room carpet, he found a note which seemed as worn and weathered as the urn, peeking out from the fine dark grey ashes.


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