What did the Priest say to Theo Help me, Fr Stefan

St Joseph has brought this note to you my dear Theo.  He has carried this note for these many years. I am not fully at rest, there were many sins in my past and I am tormented in these flames. As the rich man asked Lazarus for some drops of water. I asked that you go to St Georges Church in the upper Ile and find a Catholic Priest, I know that you are most likely not Catholic but look for a Catholic Priest and ask him to offer 3 masses for your great Uncle, Thomas Theodore the Third.”

As Theo looked through the ashes on the blanket he noticed a note.  The note read, signed Sept 21 1869

PS when all is done there will be a sign of olives. You will know what it means when you see it. “Dear Theo one day you will find this note, I entrusted this note to my patron St Joseph.

Theo thought to himself where is St Georges and who is the priest there? Theo could not remember the last time he stepped into a Catholic Church. How would he explain this to the priest there, wouldn’t he look like a fool?

While Theo was thinking he took out 3 olives from the jar in his pocket. As he rolled the olives in his mouth he went to the kitchen and poured himself a glass of wine.

Theo decided to walk to St George. It is about 5 miles away from his home. It used to be a place for monks to pray but that was in another era. St George looked abandoned. There was a cemetery in front of the church and many of the tomb stones where missing. It looked like at one time that this church served royalty.

As Theo was about to walk into the church he noticed a crest one the wall. The Crest had 2 swords and 4 olives.

There were many spiders and rats in the church. It looked liked it had not been used for a thousand years. Theo felt that he was being watched and as he looked behind him he saw a man in a cassock. The man in the cassock looked ancient. When Theo worked up the courage to say hello, the man responded in a very kind voice and said, “……

The kindly old priest came towards Theo and extending his right hand said, “welcome Theo I have been expecting you.” Theo froze in his steps-how could this be???

The priest put his hand on Theo’s shoulder and the two walked slowly toward the altar.
“I suppose you are here about the note?” the priest inquired. Theo once again was shaken by how much this person knew, despite never once meeting him.
“Well, yes,” Theo said with some fear in his voice, “The note said to come here… How did you or whoever wrote this note knew I was going to find it in the urn? And who’s ashes were those exactly?” The priest let out a slight smile.


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