Figuring out how to post blog using mini I Pad

Today is Passion Sunday, reading Theology of the Beyond by Candido Pozo “Christ is the final reality of the creature. As attained He is Heaven, as lost hell, as examining judge as purifying fire purgatory. Christ is where the finite finite dies and by whom it rises for him. Doesn’t this solve the paradox of how God will be all in all and the possibility of souls in hell. We will see Jesus according to the state of our soul, so if we are in a good state will will see Jesus smiling at us, if we are in a state far from God Jesus will look stern, so it seems that souls in Heaven Hell purgatory will all look at Jesus but souls in Heaven it will be looking at Jesus as Mercy, souls in purgatory Jesus as cleansing fire souls in hell Jesus as Judge, the face of Jesus as Judge be source of pain!, this seems to point to the reality that God will be all in all, thpass almost says where Dan I flee from you face!  Even in hell can’t flee from  they look into eyes of Jesus will desire to go into purifying flames of purifying flames! Both peter and judas looked into eyes of Jesus Peter moved to tears thwart lead to repentance Judas saw in face of Jesus judge moved is tears moved him to despair! We will see in Jesus when we face him the state of our soul, so there will be a unique experience of Jesus for every person who looks at Him, the psalmist says where can I flee from your face! 


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