Brave new World thoughts by Fr Stefan

Brave New World

Identity gender disorder has been dropped as a psychological sickness. I am no expert on the topic but it is the feeling that you were born the wrong gender, that you are a woman caught in a man’s body or a man trapped in a woman’s body.

Now my heart goes out to all the people who suffer in this way, and I am sure that there suffering is very real.

What is the Brave New World that we are creating? I am told that there are as many as 26 genders now, and there was a speaker saying that we can become different genders in a single day for example, you might wake up one morning and your mom is your mom but by the end of the day she/he might feel that she is a different gender.

This is the world our young people will face. We all know how difficult it is for teenagers to have a healthy self image. Imagine a young man or young woman going to their counselor to discuss their struggles with self image; and imagine them being told that there are now 26 different genders. If they don’t recognize themselves in one of these 26 genders than we will have to create a separate gender just for you.

When I was growing up I thought life was difficult. I can only imagine the struggles that our young people will face.

Blessing and prayers

Fr Stefan


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