Power of Healing Sharing a part of a letter I got today

I have been coming occasionally over the years to your healing Masses.  I gave a testimony of healing once a few years ago, but haven’t since.  Recently, I heard that a lot of people write you letters and I thought that I should probably do so since I am starting to recognize the importance of sharing healing power.

I am no stranger to God’s healing love. My first experience of receiving God’s grace of healing was when I was 4 years old.  Much before your time as a priest, but I feel this was the start of a growing understanding of the power of healing faith.  So, I was 4, and I had an eye disease that would start to leave me blind in one eye, my left to be exact.  There was no cure at the time and doctors really could only watch as my retina would soon start detaching. That day came, and my specialist, who was located in the District of Columbia, Dr. Gilbert told my parents that he wanted to see me almost daily to watch the progression of my retina detachment.  I’m sure my parents were scared, but I was totally unaware of the direction this eye disease was going in, being four I was shielded from this.  Each time I saw the doctor I would have my eyes dilated, and have to go through a most uncomfortable exam where he would take a probe, press it under my eye to make the eyeball protrude, and then he would shine a bright light into my eyeball as he magnified the light to make it brighter so he could see the retina. It was worse than looking into the sun. If you’ve ever had this kind of eye exam you know how uncomfortable it is for an adult let alone a child.  

So the weekend came and my mother got wind of a healing Mass being said at the local Catholic Church.  She decided to go and stand in proxy for me to ask the Lord for healing of my eye.  The next time I saw the eye doctor was Monday, with the normal routine of the uncomfortable exam.  Usually he would do this exam once, but this time he repeated the exam at least 4 times! Each time checking his notes and then returning to re-examine my eyes. Finally, my mother asked what  wrong. Dr. Gilbert took my parents outside of the room and said, he cannot figure it out, that the last time he examined my eye the retina was clearly detaching and was clearly wrinkled ie; pulling away. But now it is totally straight, and all that remains is scar tissue! My mother told him she knew what had happened, and proceeded to explain the healing Mass that she went to. Dr. Gilbert threw up his hands and said he couldn’t explain it, but it was healed.  Soon after that, I never went to see Dr. Gilbert again. From that point on I was blessed with 20/20 vision. Now that I’m 48 years old my vision is a bit aged, and I no longer have 20/20 vision, but still have good vision all in all.. I don’t believe people understand how powerful healing by proxy can be.  Especially when it’s those that you have close bonds with.


One thought on “Power of Healing Sharing a part of a letter I got today”

  1. Father Stefan, Thank you for sharing this Special and Beautiful Miracle and healing power of our God. Praise the Lord!
    Please pray for my friend Bridget who has cancer. “Come Holy Spirit”.
    God bless you, Fathers, Peg

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