St Joseph By Fr Stefan

St Joseph

I can imagine St Joseph praying for Jesus as He died on the Cross

I can only imagine what St Joseph was feeling when he saw Jesus dying on the cross


I am sure that Joseph wanted to hold and embrace his wife Mary and wipe away her tears

Imagine St Joseph taking Jesus back to Jerusalem on a donkey the evening of Good Friday

We know that Joseph most likely already went to Heaven before the public life of Jesus

But St Joseph was there at the cross.

His prayers were there as he looked down from Heaven

Joseph said to his brothers, “What you meant for evil God meant for Good.”

St Joseph knows how to turn a Curse into a Blessing

I imagine that God the Father listened to the prayers of St Joseph on Easter Sunday

St Joseph was there at the Resurrection

St Joseph know how to turn your Good Friday into Easter Sunday


2 thoughts on “St Joseph By Fr Stefan”

  1. Thank you Father Stefan for such a Beautiful and Spiritual outlook on St. Joseph. God Bless You, Peg

  2. Thanks Fr Stefan. We don’t have to imagine these things – Saint Joseph wants to share them with us personally, these and a thousand more memories, joyful, sorrowful, glorious and luminous. Ite ad Ioseph for courage and peace!

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