Hello Dumpster A break in the moving process

What does a priest and the military have in common?

They have many things in common, but one of the many things is that they both move every 4 years or so. I have been at St Mary of Sorrows for over 6 wonderful years. I am now off to another wonderful parish St Timothy.

I decided this move to simply give away 90 percent of my books. I went through my closet and I gave away 70 percent of my clothes to Good Will. I asked myself a simple question. Have I worn this in the last year? If the answer was no I gave it away?

With everything else when you doubt throw it out. I can now saw that everything I own I can bring to my new parish in 2 trips in my cruze.

It occurred to me, most priests have the same books. And we bring our book from one place to another. It occurred to me would it make more sense for each rectory to have it own library which the priest could used, instead of each priest having their own private library.

I might need 3 trips in my cruze. It is amazing how many little things pieces of paper that you just collect. I think I will bring the dumpster into my office and just throw it all in. Don’t worry no marriage files in those pieces of paper.

Hey, maybe it is time for you to go through your stuff and see what you don’t need.


4 thoughts on “Hello Dumpster A break in the moving process”

  1. Good Morning Father Stefan,

    You are so right. It’s amazing how much we do accumulate not only in clothes, material things in our homes but also weekly in junk mail. What a waste of resources. God Bless you and have a Beautiful day with the Lord. Peg

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