The Year of Faith

The Year of Faith is almost over. I remember listening to a talk from a fellow priest, at the beginning of the year of faith, that we were to start the year of faith by doing nothing. He said I know this answer surprises you but we live in a world full of activity, and we have a tendency to jump into activity? OK that is true.

 I remember did I hear that right we are called to do nothing. He said yes, “we are called to do nothing.” I remember the priest qualifying what he meant by nothing, he said before we do anything in the year of faith we must pray. I remember thinking well praying is something is it not? The year of faith will end Dec 1. 

Question of the day, how well have you lived this year of faith? How well has your parish lived the year of faith? Have we moved from doing nothing to doing something? It was meant to be a year when we went threw the door of faith? Did we go threw the door of faith?


3 thoughts on “The Year of Faith”

  1. The year of Faith was a joke at best.

    It should have been strewn with the Catholic teaching found in the Catechism. Prayer was to be a compliment not the sole answer. People are as ignorant now of Catholic doctrine as ever. We had a chance on drilling in and totally blew it. A homily was/is not going to do the job that was required.

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