Reflection on All Saints by Father Stefan

What does a saint look like? Pope Benedict said that a saint is a mirror that reflects God. When people look at us do they see God? 

One of the battle cries of the modern age is, “I did it my way.” A saint says, “I did it God’s Way.”

There is a feeling among many that being a saint is boring. Many people want to turn their backs on God so that they can be their own person, as if following God prevented us from being our own person. 

What does a saint look like? Well in truth a saint is to look like you and me. When we turn to God we become ‘More Unique.’ A saints personality shines out more clearly not less. The saints are the most unique persons. Holiness makes us more unique, not less.

Sin has the opposite effect. Sin strips us of our uniqueness, 

In Hell everyone and everything is boring, and what makes me and you unique is stripped away in a collective BLA

In Heaven God shines forth in a unique way from each person. One of the images of Heaven is a Rainbow.  All the Saints form a different color of the Rainbow.  Each saint will have their own uniqueness shines forth more clearly. 

Thomas Merton said so beautiful, “That to find God is to Find Ourselves.” 


One thought on “Reflection on All Saints by Father Stefan”

  1. Dude! You are soooo on a roll with your beautiful reflections! Beauty, truth, and love of Jesus shining out of your words! God bless you!:-)

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