Pope Francis and Air Conditioning

This morning went to gym. It was 30 degrees. When I got back from the gym I went to the chapel and the air conditioner was on.I like Cold rather than Hot. I said to the 6 people in Chapel, ” how come no one mentions that it is cold in here?” People said, “father we just offer it up.”  I turned off the air conditioner.

This experience this morning is a classic study in Human Behavior. We don’t know how to react so we look at the people around us. We noticed that they don’t seem to mind so it must not be that cold. If they don’t think it is cold, well maybe it is not that cold. This is  classic example of what psychologists call, “Group Think.”

So often we hear from Church leaders everything in the church is going great. We are building churches, attendance is good, giving is up. 

Pope Francis is stirring up the pot by saying all is not as rosy in the church as we have been leaded to believe. Pope Francis is saying, The Church is in desperate need of renewal. 

Pope Francis is saying, “why do we have the air conditioner on when it is 30 outside?”



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