Fr Stefan reflects on First Part of Bishop Loverde letter, “Go Forth with Hearts on Fire.”

Me, an Evangelist

Jesus called simple people to proclaim the Good News. As Bishop Loverde writes, “Evangelization simply means sharing the Good News about a Person, Jesus Christ. It is you and I taking a step towards Jesus…and then towards others to introduce Him. In all times, all around the world, the Church has existed to evangelize, to proclaim Jesus Christ.”

There is a famous painting of Jesus calling Matthew. Jesus has His Finger pointed at Matthew. Matthew is looking at himself saying, “Who me, you can’t mean me.”  Jesus is saying. “yes, Matthew, You, I want You.”

Matthew is probably thinking in his heart, I am the worst sinner here. Everyone hates me, I am tax collector. Jesus still says, “Matthew, come and follow me.”

Jesus is looking at you and says, “I want you to follow me.” 

Bishop Loverde gives us some reason why we resist the call of Jesus. I don’t think of Myself as an Evangelist. I don’t want to impose my Catholic Faith. I’m afraid to be Re-evangelized. I Don’t have time to Evangelize. I don’t see the Urgency to Evangelize. 

Jesus is calling you by name. Mother Angelica says, “God calls dodos.” She means, Jesus calls those who already know that they don’t know everything. It is this humility that keeps them close to Jesus. 



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