You have the Key reflection This Sunday reading Jesus gives Keys to Peter

A couple of months ago the Gospel was about the treasure hidden in the field. I went to an antique store to buy a treasure box and an old fashion key. I found the treasure box, but could not find a key. In prayer later that day I heard Jesus say, “you already have the key.”

The next day a couple brought their young son in for me to pray over him. He is a very smart, kind and a good son.  He is somewhat shy, awkward in school. He is on a fair level of medication.  His parents were thinking of sending him to a different school.

When was I praying for him, I said to him, “You are the captain of your own ship and know that you have the key.”

The next day, the mom calls me to share what the son told her about why he was struggling. It had to do with a young man in the neighborhood. The boy was in counseling for 3 years and never told the counselor what he shared with his mother as he left my office.

last night, I had dinner at their house. As I was looking at the decorations, on the wall, I noticed that the mom collects keys from all over the world. When I was leaving the dad gave me a ring of 18 old keys that he had given his wife 10 years before.

I saved a key for myself. It is a small key that probably opened a music box. My prayer is  that this key will open the music box of my heart.

May you know that you have The Key.


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