United by the Grace of Memory and healing of the family tree

Pope Francis writes, “People have memory, just as persons do. Humankind also has a common memory…..The whole of humankind has its own common memory…Memory has the power to unite and integrate. Memory becomes the vital unifying force of a family or a people. A family without memory hardly deserves to be called such. A family that doesn’t respect and care for its grandparents, who are its living memory, is a family in disintegration, but the family and the people that remember their past are families and people with a future.”

When I read these words on the importance of memory, I thought of the healing of the family tree. In my office I have what looks like 10,000 families trees sent to me from all over the world. These family trees represent a common memory. A common memory of grandparents, great grandparents….etc. When I offer mass for all the people represented in these family trees we are remembering our, ‘Common Memory.’

Pope Francis wrote, “Our Virgin Mary, who treasured all these things in her heart, will teach us the grace of memory if we know how to request it of her humbly.” 


One thought on “United by the Grace of Memory and healing of the family tree”

  1. Dear Father Stefan,

    Will you be offering any healing Masses for individuals or for families soon?

    We would be so grateful.

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